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In 2013, as part of Dexter Gordon's 90th birthday celebration (Dex@90), we launched multiple tribute concerts around the world.

The first one took place on February 26th and 27th, at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC) (called The Music of Dexter Gordon: A Celebration). This two-day event began with a panel discussion on Dexter Gordon's historic Blue Note Records recordings on Feb 26th at 6pm, and then commenced with a concert led by two of Dexter Gordon's former band mates with featured American jazz musicians. As former pianist in the Dexter Gordon Quintet, George Cables served as musical director and pianist in the Dexter Gordon Legacy Ensemble with legendary drummer Victor Lewis, also a former accompanist of Dexter Gordon's.

Joining George and Victor were the vibraphonist Joe Locke, saxophonist Jerry Weldon, trumpeter Brandon Lee, and bassist Dezron Douglas. In addition, there were performances in France and Denmark (where Dexter resided during his 14 year stay in Europe) commemorating Dexter Gordon through performances of his original music. 


After a sold-out encore performance in 2013, the Dexter Gordon Legacy Ensemble was invited back to Jazz at Lincoln Center for Dexter Gordon's 91st birthday celebration. This band included George Cables, again as musical director and pianist, now with renowned drummer, Lewis Nash, saxophonists Jerry Weldon and Jimmy Greene, a guest appearance by legendary tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath, and Dezron Douglas again on bass. 2014's event sold out once again. 


2015's celebration continued with Cables and Nash on piano and drums, respectively, but now with Gerald Cannon on bass, Abraham Burton on tenor saxophone, and Jimmy Greene and Craig Handy alternating on tenor sax as well. See 2015 photos.

More than 100,000 vIEWERS rEACHED

All three annual events were webcast by Jazz at Lincoln Center online, with each event reaching more than 100,000 combined viewers worldwide. The webcasts went "viral" across social media, with fans interacting and commenting in realtime. As a result, these events generated a resurgence of interest in Dexter Gordon's music and The Dexter Gordon Legacy Ensemble. The ensemble's viewership set a new record for webcast performances at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Issues PROCLAMATION

In support of The Dexter Gordon Society's efforts to commemorate Dexter Gordon, and in honoring Dexter for his artistic contributions to the City of New York, Mayor Bill De Blasio issued an official Mayoral Proclamation in recognition of Dexter Gordon's legacy and the celebration of his 92nd birthday at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Watch vIDEO: 2015 Concert at Dizzy's 

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