THE Mission

The Mission of The Dexter Gordon Society is to commemorate the legacy of great tenor saxophonist, composer, band leader and Academy Award nominated actor, Dexter Keith Gordon (1923-1990), by spreading the joy and beauty of his life's work, his artistic legacy and high moral values through cultural events, presentations, publications, musical releases, archival preservation, digital media, historical research, and education.

THE Vision

The Dexter Gordon Society is a 21st century platform for inter-cultural exchange and artistic enrichment that aims to unite fans, scholars, musicians, researchers, educators, professionals and appreciators of Gordon's legacy around the world. As a former resident of the United States, Paris, France and Copenhagen, Denmark, Dexter Gordon's national and international contributions to music will be celebrated annually through an ongoing series of global events, projects, and programs.

Through a combination of live events, presentations, publications, musical releases, and digital media projects, our vision is to share the inspirational spirit of Dexter Gordon's legacy for people everywhere to enjoy and benefit from, while thoroughly educating the public on the rich history of jazz and other associated forms of American and African American culture, art, music, and history.